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We love to share art with you! Join us for a class or participate in our various special events. We always have something great for you to experience and also feature one of a kind art in our boutique! Stop in and get creative today! 

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Fall and Winter Markets and Events

We love our studio but we know that many of you aren’t able to come all the way to North Vancouver! This year, we will be attending events in Vancouver, North Vancouver, Chilliwack and Abbotsford! Have a look at our Markets and Events Page for more information about upcoming events including Culture Days, our 5th Annual Monstars & Beasts Haunted House, the West Coast Women’s Show and more! We look forward to seeing you there! 

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Wise Owl Kids Craft

September is here and with that, so are our after school kids art classes! Fall is a magical time and with learning at the forefront of children’s (and hopefully adult’s too!) lives, we wanted to share one of our first fall kids art project in our after school program.  

We chose to start with an owl because it is related to knowledge but also fall. Owls live within the darkness, which includes magic, mystery, and ancient knowledge. Related to the night is the moon, which owls are also connected to. What a better way to start our kids after school art classes that with this very magical and mystical creature?

If you would like to create this creature at home, here is a DIY step by step that you can follow! 

 Step One: Cut the body, wings and eyes from a stack of white paper. We used 8 pieces above with regular white paper. You can try thicker stock paper and cut out one at a time. 

Step Two: Lay out Wise Owls and paint the body and wings. This is where you can be creative with kids and ask them to do stripes, polka dots, patterns, or even use sponges. Anything is possible for this step! 

Step Three: Cut out small triangles for beaks and add eyes! There you have them, Wise Owls! You can leave them as is, or as we are doing, laminate them and use for decorations in windows or on walls or even at story time with your kids! We love the idea of gifting these and you could even put your kids into frames or put them on the cover or a greeting card for a fall birthday. The possibilities are endless! 

Next week, we will have our second after school class of the season. Watch for our next blog post about one of our activities or better yet, register your kids for our afternoon art class and join the creative fun this year! Register here:!/Kids-After-School-Classes-at-MAB/p/71213451/category=6112466 

Feel free to send us your ideas too! We love to hear from you! 

Stay Creative, 

Monika Blichar 

MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery 

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You’re Going to Make It-A Creativity Workbook to Help You Make Your Best Art

I’ve been teaching professionally since 2007. Since that time, I have worked with all sorts of students; language, arts, ESL. I’ve simultaneously worked on perfecting my own artistic crafts through creating art work, events and programs for people who want to learn new things. What always inspires me to help people learn something is not only the sharing of knowledge and wisdom, but the beauty of possibility of what they can achieve with that wisdom. 

A few months ago, I thought it would be a great idea to compile a short, beginner workbook for people who want to start making art. I currently teach painting classes three days a week and most of my students are beginners who come in to learn some basic skills because it is something that they have always wanted to do. I thought one day out of the blue that it be nice to offer these students a simple manual for creativity, tips and inspiration. 

Check out the EBook version of the book if you are a beginner student coming to the studio for the first time or just someone who would like to learn how to draw and paint a little better. There are 10 exercises inside along with creativity starters and motivational tips and quotes. An Ebook copy is $17+gst and comes right to your mailbox! We also mail hard copies or have them ready if you are coming for your first session. 

To order, visit:!/Youre-Going-to-Make-It-A-Creativity-Workbook-to-Help-You-Make-Your-Best-Art/p/68326028/category=6112466

Should you have any questions, feel free to email us at or call 604 999 6177. 

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Creativity Takes Courage!

Whether you are just starting to dabble in the arts or an established artist, one of the most difficult things to do is allow yourself to express yourself creatively. Do you remember the last time you painted or when you first started? It was likely a challenge to be inspired to start a something new and also a learning curve at the same time. 

This month, we have had the pleasure of working with Haida Gwaii artist Marilyn McKee. A passionate artist, she really has been courageous in her practise. Marilyn is working with traditional Haida imagery, but is one of the only Haida Gwaii female carvers who experiments with new images in her pieces. Often, she uses fairies in her work and integrates very feminine symbols in a traditionally male dominated arena.  

As we grow as people, we want to be sure that we foster our creative outlets, whatever they may be. If you are just starting to paint or be creative, be sure to keep going and surround yourself with people who inspire, motivate and encourage you! You never know what you will end up creating and ultimately, that is the fun of letting go! 

We invite you to join us for the artist reception this evening from 4:00-9:00PM. Complimentary tea and meet the artist.

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January 2016 Feature Artist Marilyn McKee-Thru Haida Eyes 

Over a dozen pieces are now on display and for sale at our studio and gallery. Reception is January 30, 2016 from 4:00-9:00pm. Artist in attendance. Jewellery and paintings. 

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