We love to have unique and interesting events in our studio and attend interesting markets, events and trade shows in the community. Our studio hosts monthly workshops, presentations, and events including open houses, studio sales or celebrations and art related activities such as photo shoots, installations, and demonstrations.

You'll find a list of all the shows we will be at this year here! If you can't come to the studio and gallery, please be sure to check on this page to see where we will be and come visit and find unique works on sale at each of these events! 

Virtual Painting Party at Monika's 

May 1, 2020


Monika will teach you how to make a painting on ZOOM! Tickets are $10 each and all proceeds support our studio facility expenses during the COVID-19 pandemic! Our studio is closed for classes but we are still teaching online and would love for you to join us! 

Theme: TBA 

Send us your suggestions, we might just pick your idea! If we do, you'll get a free ticket to class! mabartstudio@gmail.com 

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