Become a Licensed Monika's Art Teacher in Your Area! 

Start your own business as a Licensed Art Teacher with Monika's! 

How we can help you...

We will train you to be a licensed Monika's Art Teacher anywhere in the world! 

We give you access to our proven marketing plan and to our educational program so that you can book clients in your area immediately.    

Our tested, tried and enormously successful curriculum will be at your fingertips each month which means you won't have to spend hours and hours planning, prepping, or getting samples ready for your students.  

We will ship and send an array of lesson plans, e-courses, videos and supplies to you virtually and to your physical location. 

Our team will assist you with starting, maintaining, and expanding your business in your area.

We will offer you the opportunity to create a team of teachers who work under your license in your area!   


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